Wo Hui Mandarin partners with CTI to bring in-app HSK courses

In this week’s announcement, we have the following exciting news to share with you.


Wo Hui Mandarin and CTI

Chinese Testing International Co. Ltd (CTI) is the organisation that develops, administers and scores the HSK and YCT exams, which are the global standards of Chinese language proficiency. Wo Hui Mandarin and CTI have signed an offical partnership to meet the growing needs of learners and teachers of Mandarin Chinese around the world.


All new HSK courses

As the official partner of CTI, Wo Hui Mandarin now offers accredited HSK 1-4 exam courses 5-6 as well as YCT courses will be coming soon.

Using the Wo Hui Mandarin app to study for your HSK exams is simple and effective. Our separate pathways for spoken and written Chinese are optimised for test takers and ensure smoother transitions between different HSK levels. Learners are in charge by setting their own daily goals and keeping track of their own progress.



We have revamped our www.wohuimandarin.com website, you will now be able to find information on what we offer both learners and teachers, our range of products, our unique approach and story there.

Do feel free to visit the website and tell others about what we are doing together as a Wo Hui community!