Introducing Wo Hui Mandarin APP

Pick a goal

In the app, each unit of the course is presented as a different “mountain” to climb.

Two separate pathways

Our spoken and written pathways are presented as 2 optimum pathways up each mountain.

One at a time

Like our main platform, our app follows a snowballing approach, and each step along the pathways focusses the learner on one new thing at a time.

Learn through doing

Learners can listen to audio recordings, go through them line by line and tap on the arrows to see translations.

Follow the example and practice by recording themselves in Mandarin. Learners can check their own recordings before continuing.

Campfire and Rewards

Learners can start a “campfire” whenever they wish. This is where they can step off the pathway for a few moments to play with what they’ve picked up on the journey so far.

Along the way, learners receive reward images that they can place on a scroll to tell their own stories. They also get feeds of media from “the real world” as they become accessible to them with the language learned. And at various points learners will encounter an encouraging guide who will show them examples of Chinese that they can now understand or produce for themselves.

Track your progress

A marker flag continually shows where the learner is on each pathway and gives them their latest stats. When they reach the summit of each mountain, we’ll email them a certificate.

Try it out!

The Wo Hui Mandarin app is a great complement to our existing platform, it is both a fun and engaging way for students to work through new words, sentence patterns and texts from the curriculum. We are excited to share it with you and hope your students will enjoy using it.

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Google play store:

Andriod apk:

As this is an on-going project, the team is working hard on developing it further. If you have any feedback or comments, we would love to hear them! Please let us know via [email protected].