The YCT and HSK App officially recognised by CTI

Download our mobile app for learners of YCT and HSK

We are the official partner of CTI – the organisation that develops, administers and scores the HSK and YCT exams.

We provide YCT and HSK courses to schools, universities and test centres with a range of tools and resources – including a free mobile app for learners.

Simple and effective

Getting to your goal is simple when you only have to focus on one step at a time.

Optimised for test takers

Pathways for both spoken and written Mandarin Chinese smooth your journey up through the YCT and HSK levels.

You’re in charge

Set yourself daily goals and reminders, keep track of your progress and collect rewards along your journey.

Anytime, anywhere

Acquire and practise the core content of each YCT and HSK course (vocabulary and sentence patterns) in our mobile app so that you can spend more of your class time putting what you have learned to use.