We empower you to support your students on their personal learning journey

Track your students' progress to give them personal input.

Grow their confidence by helping them to put what they have acquired to use.


80% of teachers said they would recommend Wo Hui Mandarin


Two thirds say it has changed what 
they do in the classroom

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The Teaching Process

We make flipped learning easy so you can be free to inspire your students and to explore with them the whole new world that Mandarin Chinese opens up to them.

We identify all the language needed to reach a specific goal (like a YCT or HSK exam), and sequence it into a simple step-by-step pathway in order of usefulness.


Your students can follow the pathway at their own pace before class or you can walk them along it in class using our ready-made resources.


Track each student’s progress and performance so that you can give them personal input and make an informed choice about what to get them to practice.


Build on what each student brings into the classroom and grow their confidence by helping them to put it to creative use.

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Spoken and Written Language

The unique characteristics of Mandarin Chinese mean that you can read something without knowing how to say it and vice versa.

To make learning as simple and successful for your students as possible, we provide two parallel pathways through each course so that you can focus separately on how things are said and on how they are written.

Tools and Resources

On our website you’ll find a growing choice of courses and a range of tools and resources for each from our community of teachers around the world.

With our web app you can:


Reduce preparation and marking time

Using existing auto-marking exercises from our editors or the community. Or quickly and easily create a new one yourself.

Give personal feedback

Effortlessly track your students’ progress in real-time and provide personal feedback on their work.

Provide evidence of learning

Continuously record your students’ actual spoken and written work so that you can provide evidence of learning in all 4 skills on demand.

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