Create and Share Exercises Easily

Auto-marked exercises save you time spent marking. Teacher-marked exercises make it easy for you to continually collect evidence of learning. Based on your feedback, we have made it much simpler for you to create, manage and share exercises with your students and colleagues.

Lesson Plans have been replaced with Exercises

When you go to Teach you will see we have removed the Lesson Plan and Lesson Activity layers: you now just see the exercises from those Lesson Plans directly. They are still separated into 2 tabs: those you have created and those other teachers have created.

Focused exercises

Filtering exercises by category and type

You can now find exercises more easily. You can filter by Category (Listening, Speaking, Reading and/or Writing) and by Type (Auto-Marked or Teacher-Marked). You can also sort by creation date and by how other teachers have rated the exercise.

Filtering Exercises

Simplified exercise creation

It is now super easy to add exercises to a section. Simply ‘Select Existing’ to find an exercise that was created in a different section and add it to this one. Or + Create New, select the exercise type (Auto- or Teacher-Marked), type your title, select the skill or skills the exercise will focus on, and start adding your questions. When you are ready, you can share any exercise in the section with your students for them to complete.

Exercise Creation

News and Announcements

From now on, we’ll keep you updated in pop-ups like this so you don’t miss out on anything. Once you close the pop-up, you can find the information again by selecting News and Announcements in the navigation menu under your avatar at any time.

Do let us know how you like the new features and if you have any questions via [email protected]