Further “Resources” improvements and a CNY suggestion

We have been working on updates to improve your experience of sharing exercises. With this week’s updates, you will notice a “Standard” tab where you will be able to find Spoken Extras, Written Extras and powerpoints from the Wo Hui team.

New “Standard” tab

We have introduced a new “Standard” tab where you will find Spoken Extras, Written Extras and other resources published by the Wo Hui team.


Assessment Exercises

We used to have Spoken and Written Assessment exercises in “Lesson Plans” in Section 10.  These are now listed for teachers as individual exercises on the “Standard” tab.  They will not be visible to students until a teacher selects and shares them.

Once you’ve selected the exercises you wish to share, click on the orange “share” button and you will be able to choose who or which group(s) you want to share with.

Character tracing sheets

We have also added the character tracing sheet generator to the MFL platform. Click on the “字” button.

Type in the characters you wish to print out and click the orange button to download.

Spoken and Written Textbooks

Spoken and written textbooks are now available for download on the platform.

Wo Hui Blogs

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, here’s a quick fun activity you can do with your students.

Ask them what makes a special edition Chinese New Year chocolate bar festive, and at the same time, explore the simplicity of the sounds in Mandarin Chinese and the way they can be recycled with tones to make word play a fun part of Chinese culture.