Happy 'Niu' Year

We hope you have had a wonderful Chinese New Year break. This week, we’ve made further improvements to the search function on our Resources page and prepared a CNY-themed video that could be used as the basis for fun classroom activities.

If you haven’t experienced our latest Wo Hui Mandarin App yet, please do give it a try as we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

Wo Hui Mandarin App

This Wo Hui Mandarin App complements the full Wo Hui Mandarin course, it allows students to work through new words, sentence patterns and texts in their own time. It is a fun and engaging way for them to access knowledge outside of the classroom.

You can now directly download the app from the wohui.co platform, the download buttons are available next to the Learn/Teach orange buttons.

Search for resources

To make searching for resources even easier, you can now search by resource or creator’s name, as well as order by number of shares. Also, icons in front of the Exercise name reflect the type of resource.

Section specific resources are now sorted under the Standard tab, while Course, Stage or Unit resources are reserved for the Downloads folder.

Wo Hui Blogs

It’s officially the year of the Niu (Ox)! To celebrate, we have prepared another Chinese New Year wordplay video that will hopefully inspire fun activities for your students!

Chinese New Year traditions provide lots of examples of word play based on the recycling of tones. Try encouraging your students to spot connections between different words and help them learn through discovering the fun of the Chinese language.