Share files and links with your colleagues and students

To make it easier for teachers to create and share teaching and learning resources with each other, we removed the Lesson Plan and Lesson Activity layers so that you can now create and share exercises directly. Today, we are enabling you to share other resources (like PowerPoints and Pdfs and Links) just as easily. We are also making it easier for you to find specific kinds of resource.

Exercises have been replaced with Resources

Not only can you create exercises on the platform, you can now also upload and share links and files like pdf, doc, ppt, images and videos.

Updated card design

To make it easier for you to find resources, we have improved the design of the cards to better highlight the title, type and author of each resource. This allows you to search for exercises and other resources for a specific skill (Listening, Speaking, Reading or Writing) or of a specific type (Auto-Marked, Teacher-Marked, File or Link) or from a specific person.

How to add a new resource

Click on the orange button Create New.

Select Other Resource.

You will be able to add different file types such as pdf, doc, ppt, images, videos. Also, don’t forget to add a title and description to make it easy for your colleagues to see what the resource is for.

There is also the option to drag-and-drop or to link to an external online resource like a survey for example.

Do let us know how you like the new features and if you have any questions via [email protected].

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